Topical Mesh

topical mesh

Rémi Morin: Expert in Topical Mesh or Semantic SEO

If you haven't heard the terminology topical Mesh (it can be define to another sentences like topic cluster or content cluster or topic hub or "cocon sémantique" in french), you know that it was "invented" by a Frenchman, Laurent Bourrelly (known as one of the best referent in France). The basis of this concept is based on the semantic optimization of USEFUL content, called Evergreen content (editorial strategy oriented for visibility). The strategy is essentially based on the web marketing content side for a visibility strategy. There is another name for the topical mesh with a different typology, the "cocon seo" by the Peyronnet brothers. What differs from Laurent's is that theirs is mainly oriented to generate more traffic without this marketing notion that comes on top of it.

The very principle of the topical mesh is to build a perfect site for Google. The idea around the topical mesh is to give Google what it wants in terms of content and also to please Google (evergreen content). Build an architecture of the internal mesh of the site that meets the need. Put the common ground between supply and demand!

What is the interest of the seo technical mastery of topical mesh?

The primary interest is to increase its organic traffic exponentially (Long Tail strategy). And that Google understands that "this is my page" the most interesting on the subject I'm aiming at and that I'm the market leader around my subject. To be able to position oneself on one's domain and to perpetuate one's position.

Why call upon a Topical Mesh expert?

Rémi Morin followed the topical mesh training of Laurent Bourrelly in addition to private coaching around the semantic seo with himself. Rémi is still following Laurent's training on the global subject of "SEO Bootcamp" since the end of 2017. I have already realized a multitude of topicals mesh for various companies, from small and medium sized businesses to large corporations. The final goal is to perpetuate your business and increase its added value around your core business!

Your training in semantic seo for your business?

Mastery of the adequacy between means and objectives! Do not suffer any more from the hazards of the algorithmic evolutions of the engines. Topical mesh training is your way out to become a leader in your profession on the Internet!

Are you concerned about your visibility or online presence on the Internet, let's talk about it?